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Well, we are off to a GREAT Start all! This is a lovely place to share, I actually think I found this through Stumble Upon from the good Doctor. Oh let me introduce a delightful lady that we are hosting at the Main Site. Docinthebiz: http://prayerpartnersunite.wetpaint.com/page/Docinthebiz she’s in the “biz” of balanced healing in both Mind and Body. I went on this search, because of what took place at our Precious Library, we simply need to get away from the old ways of doing things and progress at a higher frequency. I love what the Doc says; “Don’t Just Dream It ~ Do It!”

You see far too many of us just dream, or Pray, or “think about it.” We seem to forget…

Thought = Word = Deed = ACTION!

I don’t know about you, but as the Site Designer and Founder had to make a creative change as well as a practical sane change. I wish to thank everyone at our Business Site at Wetpaint

( http://prayerpartnersunite.wetpaint.com/ )

and at The Library ( http://prayerpartnersunite.ning.com/ )

For your support and Prayers, it’s not easy to Ban any Member, but when the Ethics of a Site is in question, it has to be done and done fairly. When a Site is compromised in any way, shape, or form, ACTION needs to be taken immediately. Unfortunately, in some cases, a minority abuse the privileges and responsibilities that they have been given. This was such a case. A specific person chose to alter the profile questions set by myself and when this happens all previous questions and your answers are deleted. The Administration Team deeply regrets, that your hard work and excellent profiles were disrupted, and have instigated interventions so this never happens again. These things happen to the best of Sites, with the most dear intentions. And we move forward.

You need to know, that I am in contact with Ning, where the incident took place. And I will let you know if they agree with me that no Banned person should have the right to engage either Administration or the Members once they are Banned. Truly I am against “Internet Misery” however, if I felt a threat then action was the only recourse to protect not only myself, but you. However, I no longer feel the intense sadness or threat, that simply means Prayer works and God is in charge end of discussion.

In speaking with a Friend of mine, it seems to be the daunting task that each of us must take a deeper look within, and quit relying on “someone” out there to be the guide. You have within you, the power to both learn and teach. You have the power “within” to adapt and shift. YOU, my Dears, are the host of God. No~thing or no one can intercede in the drama but a simple choice. Choose to change and shift. I just thank God I can work under duress. LOL! Well that’s the deal guys and gals, we keep doing what we love and all things will come into place.

I will continue to make beautiful things, cause that’s what makes me happy. I’m not here to be a Guru, or Guide, or God. I’m just here being me. Nothing more, nothing less. The Internet can be fun when we don’t take it personally. So WELCOME! Isn’t this the most professional thing you ever saw? Cool, I like it here, hope you do too. Please remember that if you get any odd emails, please don’t hang on to it forward it to Cheryll right away.

By the by, the hits just keep coming! Google Analytics is just counting away. And now with the addition of WordPress I think we will do well with getting our messages out. So enjoy out NEW Newsletter Look and Home!

God Bless

Shade Law RScP Founder / Sites Administrator

We have three Musicians on the Main Site Now
We have three Musicians on the Main Site now

please visit your Main Site we are in this together


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